Today, as I was in the pool, doing what people do in the pool, a fellow exerciser stopped me and asked, “what is your name?”  With a smile and a warm reply I answered, “Tiffany.”  She then went on to explain that she has a friend that is in Morocco, which sends her all kinds of scarves (she wears them a lot because she is a cancer survivor and uses them to accent her hair). She further stated that she knows that God will bless her back for being a blessing to me and that she had some scarves she would like to share with me.

With my mouth open out of excitement and surprise, I breathed out an expression of my gratitude towards her.  However, I found myself wondering, “what was it about me that made her think about blessing me with something so dear to her?”  I must admit, I battled with those thoughts the remainder of the class and into the locker room.  As I struggled, and I do mean struggled, out of my wet clothes, God spoke to me, “Tiffany, there’s nothing you could do that can QUALIFY you for my goodness (except be qualified as a King’s kid).” However, because He is QUALIFIED, I can receive access to His promises, goodness, and favor on my life.

God has richly blessed me throughout the years and I cannot say that it was because of anything that I’ve done that qualified me for those blessings.  However, I do know, that he chose to use a friend at the pool to teach me a valuable lesson about his grace.

Friends, alone, we do not qualify for his goodness, we are simply unworthy.. But it is freely given to us because of His unending love for us.  Today, choose to look at the blessings in your life that have been freely given to you.