I was going about my daily routine, optimistic about what the day was going to be like. I had my list of To-do’s, like most life jugglers such as myself. I’d just finished a good workout, breakfast, and morning devotion. I’d dotted every “I” and crossed every “T” like I was supposed to until….Out of nowhere, things began to fall apart! Phone call after phone call about misbehaving little ones and the famous quote I’m sure any mom just loves to hear (I’m being sarcastic of course), “Oh Mom, I forgot”. On top of that I had research to work on, a husband that had been gone away at work for weeks, and approaching deadlines, bills, and above all other emergencies, dinner had to be cooked because going out for dinner was not an option!

Does this sound familiar to anyone other than me? Simply put and as I often say, life happens, even while life is happening. Duty calls, kids have tough days, and husbands and loved ones are not always a phone call away. In those moments I’ve had to learn some very valuable lessons:  1. Breathe,  2. Pray, 3. Remember God’s there to keep me sane in whatever way that means for the moment. As I was reading my devotion today, I was reminded of how God is present to help us in our time of need. He’s promised to never leave nor forsake us. When my days are going haywire and my support system is unavailable   I find solace in knowing that God has already provided comfort and strength and He will not let me fall. Today, I challenge you to identify those areas in your life that you’ve not fully given to God and boldly surrender to an all-knowing, all-caring, loving God who not only sees your struggles, but has promised to help.

-His Song Bird