I’ve never confessed to be better than “us”. The idea that I’ve heard so many people from my past express about the new me that I’m aspiring to be.  My only motivation was and still is, is to be better than my former self. You know, the self that felt “less than”, and let’s face it-inadequate. The self that struggled with knowing her worth and accepting my own differences. The self that didn’t understand how my awkwardness in trying to engage in small talk that were, for me, painful because it just felt fake. 
I also didn’t quite understand why I had such a strong disdain for meaningless drama. The self whose creative side was just as suffocated as her emotional side. Y’all…yeah, I said it.. y’all can’t know the freedom that comes along with not only finding your purpose, but accepting that a more than capable God breathed life into me and placed such an assignment called purpose, talents, giftings, or whatever you identify yours to be, inside my former self. It is this endowment by an all-knowing, all-powerful God who saw me as my future self and knew that my now former self would somehow arrive to what is now my present, way before I was introduced to my mother’s womb some 30ish years ago. 
And now, my friends, my only confession to being “better than” is all the “Us’s”,”we’s”, and “them’s” that were created in my mind by what is I now know an enemy…the enemy.. My enemy and yours. Who never desired for me, or you, to ever arrive to the realization that the only one person that can stop you from achieving your real purpose…is indeed, YOU!