Women are some of the most beautiful yet complex creations operating on this Earth! I know because I am one.  We are special (not to say that men aren’t just as special). Let me preface this beginning by stating that I realize that my views on femininity and inner beauty may not fit “non-traditional” views of feminine traits.  I know the world has changed in so many ways and not one person will fit inside a perfect little mold or box that traditional standards often picture when discussing feminine/masculine traits.
However, the goal of this post, as with all messages that I hope my readers gather from me, is to commit to become ever-evolving and seek to become better versions of yourselves as you become more aware of the person you’re growing into.  Some may not agree with my traditional views of what I define as feminine but I’m ok with that and we’re all entitled to believe as we please.  If you’ve stayed around this long to read my intro on women and blah blah blah.. continue reading on further.  I know you want be disappointed.

There is STILL power in femininity

Let’s face it.  Women are fed who they should be, how they should act, how they should look and/or feel every minute of the day.  From ads on television, the media and beauty standards.  Let me help you dear sister.   A woman’s strength lies in the power of her soft words and STRONG perseverance to pray her family through while still guiding them through their right now!

talks faith, lives faith, acts in faith and Is ready to do warfare on the enemy for her family! She creates, manages, achieves, takes care of business, and doesn’t have an excuse bone in her body.
She KNOWS her WORTH and VALUE so much so that her husband doesn’t have to wonder “what you been doing all day” or whether or not someone else has her eyes because he KNOWS God has her heart, first!
Her ability to show strength in her feminine traits can attract a good man quicker than these boys that just want to boo you up, plant seeds that they are not man enough to properly father God’s way, and can’t see past Netflix and chill to tell you his plans for his future let alone his future with you. All these masculine females and feminine men make me tired! I like my man like I like my coffee, bold and strong.. meanwhile.. I’ll be some flavored water, simply refreshing!