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Weekly I pick a topic of inspiration and encouragement to write about.  Topics are centered around REAL LIFE situations that highly motivated women, such as yourself, deal with on a daily basis.  You can also browse through past posts to find out more about who I am  (It’s secretly where I rant because after all, what good is having a bestie if you can’t rant from time-to-time).


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What people are saying about Dr. Tiffany

Dr. Ross was more than I expected! She was very informative, the young adults were engaged, they really enjoyed her and gave great reviews about her presentation. I would definitely recommend her to speak at any conference or workshop.


Pastor, Main Event


I believe God allowed me to come in your life when I did for you to help me.


I was just thinking about how much I’ve matured over the past two years and I have you and God to thank. You gave me confidence and words of power to help me along the way. I just want to thank you for being a part of my life. God sent you to me in disguise and with a purpose. Thank you.


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