Services Offered

1:1 Premium Coaching Package

You + Me work together in this 4 week, super-charged and focused sessions to strategize and receive targeted tools to help you with a specific goal in your life or relationship.

Discovery Call

Let’s meet and chat! This call is designed get your top questions and concerns answered and to evaluate whether working with us is a good fit for you.

Relationship Voice Academy

12 week intensive relationship coaching program designed for highly motivated women that are done with what’s been and ready for a complete relationship transformation. Schedule your consultation now to see if this is the right program for you.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

You + Me work together in this super-charged and focused session to strategize a targeted and specific goal. Some reasons to schedule a consultation: personal development, emotional healing, relationship challenges.

Business Services

We adopt a multi-systems approach to organizational development

Core Areas 

Leadership Development

Help leaders in your company grow their skills by providing professional development, conflict resolution and team building strategies. 

Mindset and Mental Wellness

Address limiting mindset beliefs that lead to stagnation and deploy mental wellness strategies that lead promote growth. 

Team Building

Build highly coherent and effective teams despite the challenges presented by Covid-19.

 Our services are designed to…

Increase Productivity

Healthy individuals help build strong and viable corporations

Foster Community

Create a friendly and welcoming environment by encouraging teamwork and embracing diversity 

Promote Mental Wellness

Create a safe space by promoting and supporting employee mental wellness  

Embrace Diversity
“An organization is only as strong as the individuals who live and work in it” -Dee Hock

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Business services are tailored for your organization. Additional  trainings are available by request. When booking your consultation, please include a brief description of your business’ needs.