This post may come as a surprise to some due to the focus of my blogs being primarily geared towards encouraging and empowering women.


However, I feel I would be doing the black women I serve an injustice if I dismiss the injustices in this world towards our Black fathers, partners and sons.  

If you are not aware of the targeted racism in this country towards Blacks, I pray this post does its small part in opening your eyes. In fact, I’m almost certain your eyes have been opened. 

I’m naturally a writer so I see no other way to express myself in laying out how I feel in writing and hope that it expresses the sentiments of many others who cannot find the words to express their pain.  

Dear Black Men,

I know it may not seem like you matter to this Godless society and the reality is, you don’t.
I have stood by, like most people, not really knowing how to respond to such tragedies.
I have mourned like these young men and women were my loved ones.  
I have prayed and interceded and tirelessly lectured my children, all young BLACK males, you see.  
I write this because I, unlike some, have to admit that I do not know what it’s like to be you.
I don’t know what it’s like to have your black women being preferred over you because you look too “thuggish” “ghetto” or “black” and are already stereotyped just from the color of your skin alone.
I don’t know what it’s like to be emasculated in front of your children, wives and families, even in your brutal deaths.
I don’t know what it’s like to have to face a cold world each day not knowing whether or not you will return to the families you left.
I don’t know what it must be like for you to watch the deaths of other black brothers like you wondering, “When will the next time be me?”
To add insult to injury, you (and many others) watch as no justice become of your deaths, despite videos and other surveillances. 





I get that all you ever want IS respect and a fair chance in life. I get that at the end of the day, you just want to know that you matter…that YOUR BARE EXISTENCE MATTERS.

I get that the majority of you are holding down jobs and taking care of your responsibilities. Sure, you have made mistakes and are still making mistakes but you want desperately, like us all, to not have to walk around being treated like a mistake.  
At the end of the day, the harsh reality is that your black skin, the black skin that can drive your woman wild, is a threat to some and an easy target to others.

Can I offer this encouragement?

1. Hold your head up!

One thing is for certain, if judgement is not handled here on Earth for these injustices, judgement day will come! So no, you may not see justice anytime soon, no matter how many rallies take place, but God is taking account for each and every innocent life that is taken unjustly.

2. You are a King!

They see the power you possess.  They know that If you really discovered who you are, you would be able to rise up above the adversity and save nations.  

3. Don’t EVER apologize for being who God created you to be!

He created you to be a leader, to withstand harsh environments, yet be strong enough to overcome and conquer kingdoms. 

4. Take your place in the Earth.

You carry generations in your body that are looking for you to give language to their destiny.  Don’t abandon the call. 
We have to stop waiting on the world to validate our pain, they want.  We have to stop waiting on them to value our worth, they want.  We have to rise up and create opportunities for our families and loved ones.  We have to create our own piece (or peace) of (or in) America, they want.
You were created by God on purpose for a purpose.  Don’t allow anyone to detour you from that. You have a purpose.