Hi, Love!

I was trying out a new recipe that needed the spice, Tyme. I looked everywhere in my spice cabinet and couldn’t find it. Suddenly, all the spices came tumbling and there, sitting right in my face was tyme all along. It then hit me! What hit you girl, the 50 bottles of seasonings that came tumbling down? Well, yes, but that’s not the point I’m making so stay focused! It hit me! While I was searching, Tyme was right in my face all along!! You get it? Maybe not so let me explain. 
Often, we spend most of our waking moments searching for something in hopes of finding our true life’s purpose. Not realizing, time is indeed, staring you right in the face! I could’ve avoided the intense search for that little spice by simply slowing down and taking my time. Part of my downfall in my search for tyme was that instead of searching on the lower level of my rack, I immediately went to the top tier, which resulted in the collapse of all 3 levels. What am I trying to say? I’m glad you asked, that let’s me know that you’re following me! 
Many of us do just like I did, we often have a goal, but do not slow down to make step-by-step plans to achieve that goal.  Therefore, we end up frustrated because we’re not seeing the results we envisioned.
Then there are the remaining ones, who do make plans but do not carry them out.  As a result, you fail to consider that time is indeed, staring you in your face.
The truth is friends, time is not on our side, by our side, nor waiting patiently for us to get it together.  Time is just like my little spice rack escapade, staring right in our face and many, do not have long to get respond.  
What do you do when you discover that you’ve been living on borrowed time?
You simply move forward!  The past is so tempting to hold onto.  We can continue living in regret and pity but what is that going to solve?  Are you unhappy at your current job?  Move forward!  Have you always wanted to buy a new house?  Move forward!  Do you need further education or training?  Move forward!  Do you want to start a business?  MOVE FORWARD!!
If I had waited one minute longer my recipe would have been a complete waste.
Friends, don’t let the ideas that are in you become a complete waste because you fail to consider that TIME is staring you right in your face! What steps will you make today? What excuses are you letting go of? What people are you letting go of? Most importantly, what will you gain? 
Peace and Blessings