As I was riding down the highway this song began playing on the radio.  Now, I’ve heard this song SEVERAL times and am quite a fan of the artist, but this time was different.  This ride came after I’d spent several days with my sick mother who, progressively appeared to get worse each day I was home visiting.  After asking her SEVERAL times, “Mom, how are you feeling today?” and her replying, “I’m doing OKAY, I’ll be alright”, did I realize that this scenario was all too familiar and a replica of how we respond to emotional health.  So, without further ado, I present the REALIST LYRICS EVER!

“Cry yourself to sleep


Shout and raise your hands
It won’t change a thing child
until you understand
If you’re tired of being the same
If you’re tired of things not changing
It’s time for you to get out the way”


Often, we go through life facing all kinds of mishaps and adversities that lead us to crying ourselves to sleep in the privacy of our own discomfort.  Commonly, in the midst of those frustrating moments, we get negative and start blaming others for what’s going on or wrong in our lives, not realizing the power that we possess over our own lives.  So what that your boss does not like you!  So what that you have haters!  So what that everyone that you cared about left and hurt you! Reality is you are not obligated to stay at your current employer, you have the power to find another job, or get the education or training needed to find or create your dream job.  You were created with the unique ability to regain will power and overcome any adversity that is thrown your way, despite people not being in your corner or valuing your worth.

Another reality check.. you create your own value!  That’s right!  If you do not value yourself, others will find it hard to do so as well!  In the words of the great Kirk Franklin, “The question is, do YOU wanna be happy?”  Happiness always begins within.  If you’re tired of always getting the short end of the stick, do something about it!

Now, I’ll stop all my ranting, and get back to discussing emotional health.  Well, I think I just discussed that.  It’s a complex concept that requires simple applications:  1) acknowledge that you are in your own way of being happy, 2) find your value, 3) set expectations so that you can dismiss anyone who does not equally or place exceeding value on you, and 4) Don’t allow your feelings to keep you stuck in an unhealthy situation…YOU CAN BE HAPPY!


Dr. Tiffany

If you’d like to check our Kirk Franklin’s song, “Wanna Be Happy”, you can do so here or by clicking on the video below.



This post is by no means mental health advice.  If you feel that you are experiencing symptoms that are beyond the norm, please see your doctor or mental health professional immediately.  Emotional health can also come in the form of a doctor or mental health professional.