Today began like any other day, I dreaded getting out the bed (I’m not into early morning routines), but I had to go to work! No, I don’t clock in at a normal nine to five, but more like an extended shift, day end and day out, being a mom. After dropping my son off at basketball workouts, I was determined to make it to water aerobics ON TIME!

In the middle of water aerobics, the pool was bombarded with some life guard trainees and a loud, I mean, very loud instructor! Well, let me just tell you, my once pleasant workout began taking an alternate route as I carefully began studying the actions of the drill sergeant, I mean, instructor. He highlighted every mishap of the trainees and they moved at every command like soldiers marching in battle. It didn’t take me long to realize that he was well respected. Just then, he made a profound statement: 

“If you do not finish this task, it will never be because you do not have the ability, it will simply be because you gave up.” 
Wow! Did anyone feel that like I did? Let me give you the backstory of why the statement is so profound for me. Prior to that morning, I’d spent quite a bit of time wondering about my own significance in the world and whether or not I have what it takes to accomplish the big dreams that I so vividly envision. I had been trying to piece together the how’s and why’s and graph a plan of action of how I could get there. I’d been so pensive about my future that I didn’t realize that I was frustrating myself with my own thoughts. It was not until I overheard the instructor that it all became clear to me. No, I don’t have to methodically plan out or have all the answers, my only role in achieving my dreams is to


I’m not sure whether or not you can relate to any of this, but my friend, don’t give up! Don’t give up on achieving your goals. Don’t give up on dreaming big dreams. Don’t give up to failing, because ultimately, the failures direct you to the victories. Don’t give up on winning. Don’t give up on love and happiness. Don’t give up on loved ones. Most importantly, don’t give up on yourself and don’t give up on God! If the desire is in you, the drive and design are not far behind. Always keep moving forward.