I’m Dr. Tiffany Ross and our vision is to build healthy families and communities through providing high quality mental health resources and services. 

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We specialize in helping women heal and recover from relationship trauma such as overcoming abuse, toxic relationships, survivors of abuse, and trauma support. 

Are you a visionary but struggle with planning?


Are you ready to take planning to the next level and FINALLY put your plans into action? Are you a visionary, creative person or dreamer that knows you’re destined for greatness but could use some help with organizing your goals? This planner is for you!





you if you are a person of faith that has battled with fear in your life, career, and relationships AND you’re on the path to healing from the wounds of your past.  This guide will help you learn how to gain the confidence you need to defeat fear!

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Business Solutions 

We also offer customizable mental health and wellness services to promote mental wellness in the workplace. 

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Check out our resource library or blog to learn more about relational trauma and to learn more about the healing process.

What People Are Saying About

Dr. Tiffany


“Dr. Tiffany Ross is awesome! She doesn’t just throw out advice but she helps you to think of ways to help you not only in your current situation but also in future occurrences.”

-Adrionne M.

“I believe God allowed me to come in your life when I did for you to help me.

Karen L. 

“I loved her energy, her voice soothed my spirit and she was a great conversationalist.  She is personable and easy to approach about any topic.  My experience with working with Dr. Ross has been one of the best experiences that I have had.

-Orchid B. 


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Hard Life Topics, Simple Solutions

We are on a mission to de-stigmatize mental health struggles.

Check out our Youtube Channel where we discuss topics such as marriage, mental health, how to overcome feeling stuck, toxic relationships,  PTSD in relationships, trauma,  and much more!  Our goal is to discuss hard life topics that most therapists shy away from talking about on public platforms and offer real life solutions.

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course on moving past the hurt

Move Past Hurt Course 

Move Past The Hurt E-Course Bundle for women ready to take the first step in their healing journey.  The impact of hurt can last decades and without intervention, will!  Go from hurting to starting your journey of healing in no time.  Looking for your next steps and not sure how to?  This training is for you!

Private Coaching

Reasons to schedule with us:  

Trauma and abuse recovery, relationship help, mental health resources and support, and more.  This is also for those who feel stuck, emotionally hurting, in need of a new start and can use some extra support.